Nimbin Preschool is a place for listening.

Listening to people.                                                                    

Listening to spaces. 

Listening to places. 

 As we listen closely we discover so many ways to connect. Ways that are playful, collaborative, multi-layered, creative, respectful, critical and lasting. 

 Our connections take us to places that are familiar, warming and safe, as well as to places we have never been before; which are new and can be challenging. We explore our abilities to research what we want to know, enriching our shared knowledge and constructing understandings.

We reflect on what has gone before and what may happen next - new ideas and new possibilities. Our path of critical thinking enables us to live and function within the changing world with an empowerment of morality and ethics based upon a strong sense of generosity, empathy and social justice.

We responsibly communicate our thoughts through many pathways to ensure that we maintain freedom to believe in ourselves and each other with respect, strength and altruism.

We act with the knowledge that everything has rights and we have responsibility.